Fire Ice Polar Eco Foam

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FireIce® Polar EcoFoam is designed for a broad range of WUI, Wildland and Class A Fire applications, including where cold-water mixing of Class A foam is required.


Polar EcoFoam is fully qualified on the USFS Qualified Products List.

Aerial Application
FireIce® Polar EcoFoam is recommended for direct attack operations in airtanker and helicopter applications where maximum penetration and wrapping is required, at a cost effective per gallon price. FireIce® Polar EcoFoam is compatible with all onboard injection systems in fixed wing, scooper, and rotor wing aircraft.

Engine Application
FireIce® Polar EcoFoam is a cutting edge foam technology that is ideal for direct suppression, mop-up, wet-lining, and CAFS applications. It is compatible with all in-line and eductor style foam proportioning systems.

FireIce® Polar EcoFoam is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-hazardous. It is safe to use in ecologically sensitive areas

Application Methods & Packaging
FireIce® Polar EcoFoam is available in a variety of standard foam packaging, including pails, drums, and totes. Bulk delivery is also available upon request. Purchase foam below.